Friday, August 31, 2012

Ms. Copper is pooping out on us!

August 28, 2012

Joel took the big kids to run a few truck errands. We've had some issues w/ our expedition lately and due to past couple of months our rainy day funds are nonexistent now so we're trying to prioritize the truck needs and start making our way down that list while getting our truck is 100% running condition. So he took the kids to Auto Zone, Firestone, the Ford service center and a few other places while I stayed at home and got caught up on work, house chores & even managed an uninterrupted shower as well and I'm sure we all can appreciate moments like those.
Turns out we need 4 new tires as suspected. It rained on Saturday, a LOT, and at times it felt like I was driving on a soapy road which is the best way I can explain it. It was odd because it wasn't like that all day just once or twice for a second or two but guess it's due to the tires & a bit of the road conditions that day.
About a month ago while driving through Arlington construction a bunch of rocks went flying ending in a massive one smashing our windshield. We had a nice size crack. Pretty big if you ask me but as we all are learning, everything's big in Texas. ;) After the drastic weather change on Saturday the crack tripled in size. :( Of course, it's directly in my line of sight while driving too. I have to sit up extremely straight or slouch. Neither of which I find comforting.
One of our two rear a/c motors went out. This is something we could fix here but it would take all day so we're not sure if what we'd be giving up is worth more than the cost of someone else fixing it which isn't that much in labor for this one.
The truck also started this whole sputtering thing as if it was stuck in between gears but again on Saturday it worsened leaving me to believe that at any moment the engine was just going to turn off directly in the middle of a highway that splits into several directions with like 8 lanes. I was freaking out y'all! Let me tell good!
So obviously the tires and sputtering issues pull rank. We're entering fall and our other a/c motors work just find so this one is at the bottom of the list. The next to the bottom of the list is the windshield as it's not immediate and Joel drives the most anyways and it's not bothering him at all.
Aside from all the car junk I played catch on editing & blogging and spent the rest of the day basically cooking. I swear my kids at the very least sit down at the table at least 6 times a day if not more. Pretty boring day for the most part and uneventful which I'm okay with that. :)

Question of the day:
How do you pick a car trustworthy shop?